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Stott Pilates, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Massage, Physiotherapy in Blackheath SE3

Robert Izatt

Pilates Instructor

I am a Fully Certified Level One & Two STOTT PILATES® Instructor and STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer for Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels. I have recently completed my required training to become an Instructor Trainer for Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Total Barre™ and CORE™.

I have been teaching STOTT PILATES® since 2000. I completed the Foundation Trainings for Total Barre™, ZEN•GA™ Matwork & Reformer and CORE™ in Milan, Italy in July 2014, I am presently working towards completing my Instructor Trainer segments for ZEN•GA™ , before I am allowed to teach these modalities to Instructors.

I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher and I have been practicing Yoga since 1996 and teaching since 1999, also teaching Yoga Nidra since 1999. Utilising my additional training’s in Esalen Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy. Medical Acupuncture, Watsu and Tai Chi, I work towards enabling my clients to achieve the most from each of their workouts.

I am passionate about teaching and seeing individuals become more confident in themselves, functionally aware of their bodies and believing in the SELF. I believe in the continuous journey of learning and strive to enable my clients to feel invigorated, reenergised and inspired.

Robert Izatt instructs the following:
  • Intermediate reformer
  • This class incorporates more complex choreography and is delivered at a faster pace. It adds a level of complexity to further challenge and builds on benefits gained from your Pilates workout; introducing a new range of movements that further build tone and strength. A class for those who have already mastered the exercises at beginners' level.

    A good knowledge of Pilates is necessary to join this class.


  • Essential/Intermediate matwork
  • This class focuses on improving deep core strength, endurance and control. Exercises are selected to challenge mobility and stabilization through the core and peripheral muscles while adding flexibility and suppleness to your body. Resistance props are incorporated to add variety and familiarity.

    It is necessary to attend three Essential matwork classes before booking onto our Essential/Intermediate matwork class.

  • Essential/Intermediate reformer
  • This class is a step up from the Essential reformer level and continues to build on endurance and core strength while improving coordination and flexibility.

    In this medium-intensity class you will work both the core and peripheral muscles, to ensure you are on your way to having a strong and streamlined body as you continue to strengthen and stabilize the hips, knees, and ankles.

    You are required to attend at least 3 Essential reformer classes or 2 Private Foundation’s prior to attending an Essential/Intermediate reformer class.